Apty 1.0.5

Speed Mathematics has been considered as an interesting area for ages and is practically used in competitive exams to test the speed of the candidate.There have been several efforts to achieve the same using tricks such as Vedic Mathematics and Tractenberg System of Mathematics.

However the tricks mentioned in these books have to be practiced thoroughly to master them. They speed up the mental process of calculation rather than usage of pen and paper. The operations to perform have to be visually memorized and an answer calculated. Operations supported in trail are Addition,Subtraction and Multiplication, Squares,Cubes and Powers.

This software is presented as a challenge response mechanism. The application poses a challenge to its user and expects the user to come up with an answer before waiting for a specified time. After the specified time the result is displayed on the screen. The user looks at the answer and evaluates himself by clicking on the correcy key if his mental calculation of the answer to the question posed is correct.

A taxing mathematical game for your mobile phone.